About me

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Hi, I’m Toria and I’m a bit lost in my own story.

For 38 years I have tried to be in control of everything. This has caused a lot of disappointment and heartache, but also a lot of joy. I am a possibly chronically ill, neurotic single mum of two amazing little girls. Despite life I am not completely crazy. I am a very loving person, who has placed her heart in the hands of others one too many times. I’ve given parts of myself away until I no longer recognise who I am. Well, all of that is about to change (hopefully)! I am inviting you along on what will no doubt be a ridiculous and hilarious self-development journey through the next chapters of my life. There may be tears, there may be swearing, there may be more heartache, there may even be poetry, but I guarantee there will be lots of love and laughter.

Thanks for joining me,

Toria x

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