Burns Night

If you’re Scottish, you’ll know today is a very important day for us. Today we celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns. Being a teacher (when I’m not so ill), we usually prepare for today by teaching our pupils all about Rabbie and his poetry. We also have competitions to see who can recite his poetry the best.

Burn’s night can be lots of fun and I do love Haggis, neeps and tatties with a glass of Irn Bru but in my world today of lock down and homeschooling 2 young kids I had a slightly different view of Burns Night.

Here is a little poem that I wrote for the occasion.

Schools are closed, it’s homeschool these days
Covid has changed the learning ways
No Scottish verse speaking competitions
Just doing the basics feels like a mission
No chanting the lines of poetry from the bard
Weans don’t understand it, it’s no fun it’s just hard
I’m going to say something controversial next
It may have fans chasing me with their axes and picks
But Burns can be a little outdated
I’m not saying he shouldn’t be taught or be slated
But teaching five year olds about our Rabbie
Is like teaching Shakespeare to your babbie
Perhaps if we let them write their own views
About their country, the folks and the news
Then maybe their experience of being a Scot
Would inspire poetry within them to come out like a shot

It’s not a traditional Burns poem but I hope some people like it.

Happy Burns day everyone! Lang may yer Lum reek.

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