A little poem for you

My poetry isn’t exactly deep or earth shattering. It’s just me spewing my thoughts and feelings onto paper in a way that works for me. Almost like a journal so don’t judge too harshly. I wrote this one in December when I was feeling pretty down but wanted to feel better.

Be the change
When it hurts so much you no longer feel
When you don’t know if you’ll ever heal
Look around and take a breath
There’s reason to feel so bereft
But keep on looking, what do you see?
So many reasons to stay and be
The beauty of the world around
Birds in the sky and plants on the ground
Your family that love you so
They wouldn’t understand why you had to go
Those lovely friends who make you laugh
They’ll stay with you on this shitty path
Now look inside, what’s in there?
A girl, a little frightened and scared
But she’s slowly learning who she is
Maybe sometimes she gets in a tizz
But give it time, this isn’t easy
When parts of your past make you queasy
Be kind and gentle, build it up
A wolf will grow from this pup
You are strong in your own way
Believe in yourself this is your play
This is your story and you are the author
Be the leading lady or why even bother
You know you can do this it’s now or never
So get on your unicorn and live forever!

Hopefully that’s given you a little inspiration. Or at least a giggle. I’m off to feed my unicorn now.

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