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Burns Night

If you’re Scottish, you’ll know today is a very important day for us. Today we celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns. Being a teacher (when I’m not so ill), we usually prepare for today by teaching our pupils all about Rabbie and his poetry. We also have competitions to see who can reciteContinue reading “Burns Night”

2021 is here! Hmmm…

So, how has your year started? If, like me, you’re in the UK and have kids it’s probably started off being pretty busy. Who loves homeschooling? Honestly, I am grateful for the extra time I’m getting to spend with my kids but I really wish I wasn’t having to force this new routine on them.Continue reading “2021 is here! Hmmm…”

A little poem for you

My poetry isn’t exactly deep or earth shattering. It’s just me spewing my thoughts and feelings onto paper in a way that works for me. Almost like a journal so don’t judge too harshly. I wrote this one in December when I was feeling pretty down but wanted to feel better. Be the change WhenContinue reading “A little poem for you”

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